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And they say efforts such as those by the FBI need to be handled with great care and patience, and need to be sustained.

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That’s why you’re here.” Fourteen-year-old Eva* thought she was being punished for disobeying her parents.That was what she was told by those who had trafficked her to work in the Peruvian sex trade.They were also pioneers of metal working techniques like gilding and soldering, which enabled them to created extraordinarily intricate jewellery and artifacts.Due to the lack of a written language, little was known about the Moche civilization until the 1980s when archaeologists began uncovering monuments and tombs containing detailed murals, and incredible ceramics that depicted detailed scenes of hunting, fighting, sacrifice, ceremonies, and explicit sexual encounters.Severe floods in Peru have now killed at least 67 people, and the death toll is still rising.The South American country has been hit with the most intense downpours and mudslides it has seen in decades.Most of the people who have been affected are poor, including many who chose to build homes on floodplains.

Some point to the fact people are being charged up to 0 to attend a conference to discuss it as proof it is fake.

Peru Two drugs mule, Michaella Mc Collum, was jailed for six years and eight months, along with Melissa Reid for trying to smuggle £1.5 million worth of cocaine out of Peru and into Spain.

But the two were released last March after striking a deal with Peruvian authorities.

The 24-year-old, from Northern Ireland, was pictured walking along Liverpool’s Albert Docks this morning.

She is allegedly in the city to make negotiations for a new series where she will meet international drug dealers, including death row prisoners, a source told Mail Online.