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The Antipodean albatross belongs to the order Procellariiformes.Like all members of this order, they have naricorns, tubular nasal passages on their bill.So to celebrate the rise of the actors from Down Under, here's our guide to Hollywood's Antipodean A-list: HEATH LEDGERProfile: Born in Perth, western Australia, in April 1979, Heath started his career in the Globe Shakespeare Company in Perth, Australia, when he starred in the title role of a Peter Pan production as a schoolboy.Finishing high school a year early at 16, he urged his friend Trevor Di Carlo to drive 2,600 miles to Sydney in search of fame and fortune.While not all scientists believe it is a full species, retaining it with the wandering albatross, a 2004 study of the mitochondrial DNA and microsatellites of the wandering albatross species complex supported the split.Among the major experts, Bird Life International has split this species, Its breeding plumage is brown and white and its juveniles are similar in appearance to the wandering albatross.

Its face, throat, lower breast, and belly are white, and its undertail coverts are brown.

But there's no doubt about the intent of Australia's proposed laws, as Brandis later said in a joint appearance with prime minister Malcolm Turnbull that Australia's law enforcement agencies want access to encrypted traffic for three reasons.

The first is that Brandis says Australia already has mechanisms to allow law enforcement authorities to intercept electronic communications.

The matter may have gone no further, except that it was witnessed by police, and Mills, 31, found herself arrested for racially aggravated public disorder, a charge upheld by Macclesfield magistrates yesterday. Mills, who told the court the row had been caused by the stress of an impending house move, said: "Yes, I shouted at her but it had nothing to do with racism. Chairman of the bench Brian Donohue said: "The word Australian was used.

Miss O'Reilly told the court: "She called me a stupid fat Australian b––––. It was racially aggravated and the main reason it was used was in hostility." Mills, who has since moved to the Isle of Eriska in Scotland with her husband, also admitted assaulting an officer by kicking him in the shin.